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Free Initial Consultation--learn about your options with no obligation in this 30 minute session with your teen and all significant adults. 

In the Senior year, college applications will ask what you did starting in the 9th grade year through 12th grade. Let us help you be as competitive as possible, when it is time to complete them. Time is your friend when you start early, but we assist at every point that you come to us. Sign up for our free 30 minute consultation today!:


4- SESSIONS- (5 hours)
Over the course of 4 sessions in the Freshman high school year, we will cover the following:
  • Overview of Today’s College Admissions process –really understand what this process is like today.
  • Analysis of current and projected Curriculum and College prep courses for Sophomore year –Make sure you start the high school experience on track.
  • Orientation to College Visits and strategies – Be strategic in how you use your time money and questions during college visits, so you can maximize your efforts.
  • An Overview of Financial Aid and Scholarships: Understanding the Basics - Learn where you stand as it relates to financial aid and options to make college affordable


4- SESSIONS - (5 hours)
Over the course of 4 sessions in the Sophomore high school year – 10th grade, we will cover the following information:
  • Overview of Today’s College Admissions process –really understand what this process is like today.
  • Top 8 Must Haves for a College Application - Begin the planning process to achieve the most competitive college application possible
  • Orientation to Campus Visits and strategies
  • Summer programming and activities discussion to maximize opportunities
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Ways to Pay for College 

Gold Package 

Includes weekly and monthly sessions. Summer Essay and application writing assistance and sessions in the Fall of the Senior year, (thru Dec 15th ), as needed. Up to 20 hours + 10 hours research by consultant
  • Evaluation of high school college preparation courses, as applicable to increase competitiveness for colleges desired
  • Creation of Activities Worksheet and Academic Resume; Discussion of extra-curricular activities and recommendations for adding depth to extra-curricular accomplishments
  • Interest Inventory Assessment to assist with potential major discovery and/or career direction
  • Creation of a Master College List of recommended colleges based on student’s personal profile, (up to 12 colleges)
  • College related assessments to identify a good match college list, academically, socially and financially to assist with personalized college identification, includes parent questionnaires
  • Review essay drafts and offer suggestions based on expertise of what college admissions officers value. Max of 6 essays.

Hourly Services

One hour, 5 hour or 10 hour segments offered. You pick the segment you want and the topics (I can help with this too, if you like) and we’ll get started. Examples of potential topics include the following:
● Overview of the college admissions process – 1 hour
● Assessments & College identification List creation + research and report/discussion - 10 hours
● Review and recommendations for ACT/SAT/Subject/AP etc. test planning - 1 hour
● Next year Course review and recommendations to be competitive – 1 hour
● Essay creation, review and critique - varies by student and number of essays they need to write, but usually 4 drafts are needed - 1 hour per essay
● Transition to college - 1 hour

Admissions Check-Up Services - great for those trying to get into Ivy League and Tier One Colleges and Universities

Know before you Submit !! Send us your college application and you will receive:
● A review of your application using the expertise and knowledge base of former admissions officers from the Ivies, who have read thousands of highly selective application files.
● It goes beyond college essay tips and provides a new holistic perspective on the entire application.
● This replicates the admissions process; former admissions officers review the student from afar.
● It gives you much needed insight into how your application might be viewed from admissions officers who have made thousands of admit, deny, wait-list and defer decisions.



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