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"We came to Lisa late with our son's college hunt. She did a great job advising him of options we had no idea were available, and he was highly interested in a couple of her suggestions too. If you are trying to make a hard college choice, I'd not hesitate calling her. Even better, if your child is in 8th or 9th grade, and you are thinking of a very competitive college, she will help chart a path to maximize the probability of acceptance." - Todd, father of a Senior interested in Business

"Lisa, or Dr. T as we all call her, was instrumental in helping my oldest son identify, apply for, and get accepted to an outstanding college. She kept him on task, reviewed and critiqued essays, provided guidance for high school class selection to maximize his chances. He applied to six top-tier schools, was accepted at all six of them, and was offered each school's top academic scholarship award. I will be asking her to work with my other son soon!" -- Judd, Father of a Football athlete [ Youth Ministry]

"CAT really opened me up and made me feel more prepared. I’m coming out of this a more confident pre-college student, and I owe a lot of that to CAT. It was really easy to talk to Dr. T, and she helped me reveal parts of myself that I wasn’t previously aware of. This made the college search experience way easier. I came into this not knowing anything about getting into college, and, quite frankly, being afraid of the whole thing, and now I’m excited to start that journey.  " - Hayley, Edina High School student, used CAT services from 10th - 12th grade [Music and Psychology]

"Lisa was invaluable to my son and I. She is extremely knowledgeable about the college admissions proccess and what is involved. She kept my son motivated and on track to get everything done on time. She always followed-up with questions right away. She was extremely organized and had excellent ideas on how make things work for us. My son recieved early acceptance to all the schools he applied to. I would highly recommend her for navigating through the college admission process! "  --Barbara, mother  of a Football player, Wayzata, used CAT for 11th and 12th grades [Petroleum engineering]

"Thank you for the invaluable service you provided in helping our daughter choose the right college and curriculum. You saved us a ton of time and money. Everything helped--the assessments and counseling and tools--they helped make college more affordable for us. We would recommend you and your services to anyone with a high school student (freshman to senior) who is thinking about college."  --Jim and Nancy, parents, Their daughter used our services during her Junior and Senior years

"Being the oldest child in my family, I was a little clueless on what to do when it came time to apply to colleges. I had no idea what the difference between a common application and a school application was. That is why I was very happy to have Dr. T to help me with everything. She took everything at a good pace, where I didn’t feel stressed about all the work I had to do, but I was doing enough every week that I was done applying to colleges in no time at all. There is a big difference between writing a school essay and writing a college essay and without Dr. T I would not have known where to start. 

If I had tried applying to colleges without her, I am pretty sure I would still be filling out the applications and trying to figure out what needs to be sent in."  -- Mikaela, 11th and 12th grades from Edina, Minnesota [Nursing]

"Lisa shows a high level of dedication to her clients and in developing a first-class business that is poised for growth. Her style works well for HS seniors who are trying to navigate the college search process while balancing all their other responsibilities."
Darrell, parent of a Senior ; Eden Prairie, Minnesota [Engineering]



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